Grilled squid salad with pea puree and semi-dried Tuscan tomatoes
420 CZK
Shrimp salad with pea puree and semi-dried Tuscan tomatoes
380 CZK
Ribollita soup
190 CZK
Tuscan fish soup with seafood
290 CZK
Bruschetta with tomato-pepper caponata and burrata cheese
290 CZK

Primi Piatti

Spaghetti aglio olio
330 CZK
Spaghetti aglio olio with seafood
430 CZK
Lasagna with eggplant and parmesan cheese
390 CZK
Risotto with smoked Burrata with spring onions and herb dried tomatoes
390 CZK

Secondi Piatti

Gnocchi with duck breast with smoked paprika sauce and apple skin
390 CZK
Pork Pluma Ibérico with Taglions in cheddar sauce with peas and demi-glace sauce
620 CZK
Beef burger from 30% Japanese Kobe and 70% Irish meat served with Chipotle mayonnaise, tomato skin, cheese, bacon and french fries
490 CZK
Grilled beef ribs with chilli BBQ marinade with crispy onion served with Raté Potatoes and Corn Sauce
650 CZK
Teres Major steak with parsley - mashed potatoes and blue cheese - mushroom sauce with sweet and sour onion
650 CZK


Panna cotta with seasonal fruit and lemon sorbet
190 CZK
Strawberry praline with white chocolate mousse and fresh strawberries
190 CZK
Chocolate mousse with caramel and crushed nuts
240 CZK
Selection of Tuscan Italian cheeses and hams
290 CZK